Professional Lawn Care Services throughout Hertfordshire

We provide seasonal lawn treatments throughout Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Regular lawn treatments are an effective way of improving and maintaining the quality of your grass, whilst at the same time phasing out and then eliminating the weeds and moss.  Each seasonal treatment provides an important role in balancing the structure and quality of your lawn to keep it looking good all year round.

Lawn Treatments

Scarifying and Aeration
This helps to break up the compacted hard surface of lawns, and hollow-tine aeration improves the soil by removing thousands of cores allowing air and water to flow into the lawn root system, allowing the lawn to breathe more easily.


Fertilising works on eliminating those nasty weeds and also promotes new grass growth whilst also feeding the existing grass, creating only after a couple of treatments, a lusher greener lawn.


Top Dressing and Seeding
Top dressing is a prepared soil mix that can be added to the struggling or bare patches of your lawn. It can reduce thatch build up by encouraging decomposition. Seeding can then be applied and watered in. It can also be applied after aeration whereby the soil mix filters into the holes removed by the aeration process helping to create a healthier lawn.


We will arrange an appointment to visit you and recommend a lawn treatment plan tailored to suit your needs and budget.


Call QHL today on 01442 398733 to book an appointment and get the green back in your grass, and the lush back in your lawn


14291980 - manual fertilizing of the lawn in back yard in spring time
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